The Government of India invites State sectoral departments, bilateral and multilateral funding agencies, civil society organisations, industry, academic and research institutes, and communities to share information on local conservation initiatives which could be identified as potential OECMs. In view of the above, kindly fill out the questionnaire below to provide details about the conservation area that could be a potential OECM. Please note that this is a voluntary process and the OECMs recognition will not have any legal, financial or management implications.

We request you refer to the document attached here before filling the questionnaire.

Does the area fall under the protected area network?/Reserved Forest Network?

 Yes     No
Sorry, Areas falling under the Protected Area Network/Reserved Forest Network can not qualify as OECM's.

Who governs the proposed conservation area?

Who owns the proposed conservation area?

Who manages the proposed conservation area?

Please provide any supporting documents on conservation initiatives carried out in the area

Please provide some photos / videos of the site,initiatives impact and key stakeholders.

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mail to oecmindia@gmail.com